Categories of Documents held by the Nelamangala Planning Authority under its Control

[Section 4(1)(b)v (i)]

The documents available with the Authority.

  • Finally approved Master Plan for the entire Local Planning Area of BMICAPA.
  • Zoning Regulations for the enforcement of Master Plan proposals
  • A Report of Master Plan.
  • Register maintaining records of CLU
  • Register maintaining approval of building plans
  • Register maintaining approval of layouts.
  • Register maintaining details of RTI Act 2005
  • Common Inward Register
  • Dispatch Register
  • Service Stamp Register
  • Local and Government letter Dispatch Register
  • C.L.Register
  • Pay and Acquittancae Register
  • L.P.C.Register
  • Inward and Outward Register
  • T.A.Bill Register
  • Permanent Advance Register
  • Bank Cheque Register
  • Stationary and furniture Stock and Issue Register
  • Bank Deposit Register
  • Register of file sent to the Chairman
  • Money Remittance Record Book
  • Cash Book
  • Bank Pass Book
  • Cheque Book
  • Receipt Book
  • Income & Expenditure Statement
  • E.L. & C.L Account Book
  • Register of issue of Smart Card
  • Register maintaining the details of sales of soft and hard copies of Master Plans.
  • Movement Register 
  • Attendance Register and Cash in hand Register.

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